Purity Isn’t Just Our Guarantee. Its Our Obsession.

H2Blu product is made in a solutionizing facility in stainless steel tanks, test each batch with our specialized testing equipment, fill our DEF compatible containers (jugs, drums, totes and polytanks and other customized storage solutions) with our specialized filling equipment and deliver the product in our own fleet of trucks.

With a strong focus on purity, H2Blu guarantees the purity from production to delivery to you, as well as after delivery (for its shelf life of 1 year) provided you store and handle the product in the following manner:

1. Keep H2Blu in the sealed container in which you receive it from us.
2. Never open the sealed container and expose the H2Blu product to air.
3. Store H2Blu according to proper storage conditions.
4. Never mix other products with H2Blu, or “top up” or refill your sealed container with anything other than H2Blu.
5. Keep the sealed container away from direct sunlight, do not store other items on top of it (e.g. oil rags, open bottles, etc.) and ensure no spills/leaks land on or near the seal of the container.
6. Use only dispensing equipment (e.g. micromatic coupler, hose, pump, etc.) suggested by your H2Blu salesperson, to ensure all components are DEF compatible and will not contaminate your H2Blu product.

Should you have any claim as to the quality or integrity of your H2Blu due to your supply or deliver, please contact customer service and we will:

1. Collect a sample of the H2Blu product delivery from your site.
2. Test the sample with specialized equipment in our own lab.
3. If found not to meet the applicable quality standards (ISO 22241), we will fully refund you for your container of H2Blu.
4. If Customer’s /Consignee’s receiving containers are found to be unfit for delivery of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), including where the container materials are not DEF compatible then we reserve the right to refuse delivery of H2Blu Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

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