Meet: Steve Merena

Why Wholesale Rules

Fleet: Caravan Logistics Inc.

Website: caravanlogistics.ca

Reefer experts Caravan Logistics is known for keeping its iron in tiptop condition. Caravan operates across North America, focusing on customers east of the Mississippi. For two years running, Caravan has earned the Northbridge Insurance (formerly Markel)
Platinum Status for Safety.

Years of operation: Celebrating 15 years in August

Number of Trucks: 200

Number of Trailers: 500

Number of Employees: 75

Number of DEF-using Engines: 87

Method of Distribution of DEF: Bulk/Totes

Do you have in-house maintenance facilities?: Yes

Merena says Caravan – a fast-growing carrier – is always seeking new efficiencies and headache-free solutions. They took the same approach when it came time to secure their DEF supply. Caravan consulted their supplier and decided to install a specific H2Blu Box as opposed to a generic storage-and-dispensing unit. Working with the supplier made the installation easy, Merena says. Merena says one key to a worry-free transition is selecting a supplier with sales reps who will work with the customer to find the right custom solution. As a result, Caravan wound up with a “Turnkey” solution, to ensure constant supply and guaranteed purity. The unit is fully integrated and heated and maintained so Caravan has the best dispensing options available. “We don’t have to worry about anything,” he says. “They know when they have to come. It is not something that requires a lot of attention.”

Meet: Derek Robertson

Keeping Drivers Satisfied

Fleet: Scamp Transport

Base: Calgary

Website: scamptransport.com

Scamp is a bulk fuel hauler with several industry awards from customers that include Global hauler of the year for the last five years with Exxon/IOL Scamp runs a fleet of Kenworths and boasts a driver churn rate of zero. Scamp operates in four western provinces.

Years of operation: 31

Number of Trucks: 60

Number of Trailers: 65

Number of employees: 135

Number of DEF-using engines: 60

Method of distribution of DEF: Totes and pumps at all branches

Do you have in-house maintenance facilities?: Yes

Robertson admits, like many other operators, that newly engineered engines underwent birthing pains, but the snafus had nothing to do with DEF. “At Scamp, it’s all about keeping drivers happy. We treat our drivers like human beings, we pay them well. Drivers want good home time, good pay, respect, and good equipment. That’s it. So we want to make the DEF experience as easy as possible for them.”

“It’s pretty straightforward, really. Kinda foolproof. The only technology change for a driver really is that they have to watch another gauge.” Robertson’s DEF supplier delivers 4 – 1000-litre totes to Scamp’s facilities, and Scamp has enough properties throughout Western Canada that his trucks do not have to buy DEF at retail outlets. Robertson chose H2Blu as his go-to DEF product. “I was looking for a refill program so I would not have to change totes, as a fork lift is not always available. Once I did get in contact with my representative for H2Blu it was a pretty smooth transition. He was very helpful getting me set up with two totes and a pump meter unit.

“The folks have been very helpful with new ideas on storage tanks. “As we are a growing company in the Alberta market we will need a lot larger storage capacity and our representative has the means to get this done. I was also looking for a refill program that would cover all of our operations at one source and they were able to be the one to do this.

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