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We have over 5000 existing distribution points in Canada with its own extensive fleet operations of 30 metered bulk delivery units. Its own national distribution capabilities are supported by warehousing and blending facilities in Ontario (Milton), Quebec (Montreal & Quebec City) and Alberta (Edmonton), BC (Port Coquitlam) as well as 20 CMC terminals along key transport routes from coast to coast. With this proven distribution and logistics expertise, we are the leader in supply and delivery for fleet and heavy duty businesses throughout Canada.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Calculator

Use our calculator to estimate your Diesel Exhaust Fluid use and storage solution needs.

Enter the average fuel consumption of your trucks in Litres (per 100 km)

Enter the average kilometres for a single truck traveled in one year (default is 100000 km p.a.)

Enter the number of SCR trucks you operate

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